• high heels and jeans
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    Jeans And High Heels, The Most Classic Match In Fall

    Get used to the comfort and convenience of flat shoes, do you still remember the high heels that are in the shoe cabinet? This year, high heels have once again become the love of fashionable women. A pair of high heels and jeans can easily express your fashion attitude. Especially in the retro style of the 1990s, the loose Mom Jean needs the exquisiteness of high heels to build a gentle and generous sense. The casual nature of jeans and the mysterious and elegant femininity of high heels, combined with the chemical reaction, gave birth to a different charm.The fat pants and the thin high heels on the feet form a strong…

  • Fall casual suit
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    Nude Casual Suit , A Must-Have Item In Women’s Fall Closet

    Why are fashion bloggers, celebrities and supermodels all wearing a nude casual suit in the coming fall?  Because it is perfectly paired with every clothing item, without any brain-racking dress collocation.  The suit version is simple and smooth, which can cover the defects of the body lines and create a good temperament. Casual suit is a must-have item in the fall closet. No matter the slim style or the current popular oversize style, it is suitable for any occasion , whether the workplace, the street, or even a fashion show. Coupled with the versatile color of nude, the nude suit can go with almost every other clothing item, no matter…

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    Fall Is On The Way! 30 Popular Outfit Ideas For Women To Create Your Most Chic Fall Style

    Summer is nearing its end, autumn and winter are already on their way. With the leaves getting yellow, we also obviously feel the temperature has been greatly reduced. For girls who pursue beauty and step on the cutting fashion range, how autumn outfit can combine both warmth and fashion, is also a matter of serious consideration. As for autumn daily wear, we should choose those clothes type that can fully show our personality and temperament, on the basis of warmth and comfort. And create your autumn’s most chic style with different cascades and color collisions. If you don’t know how to dress in autumn to make you stand out from…

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    12 Newly Launched Autumn/Winter Pop Colors For Women Outfit Reference

    In the coming fall and winter seasons, in addition to the choice of clothing style, the trend of color is also very important. After all, color can determine whether it’s trendy and chic of your overall wear. Pantone, the most authoritative organization in the world, summed up the most popular colors in the second half of 2019. Each color has a calm, atmospheric character, and it expresses the strongest emotions. Chili Pepper Sensitive chili pepper is a drama and stunning color. It exudes a subtle and seductive atmosphere, reflecting the woman’s style with it’s high brightness and purity. It is hailed as the most temperamental color and easy to highlight a stunning…

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    Little Black Dress, the Greatest Classic Design in Fashion History

    A classic fashion clothing item should firstly meet the needs of our identity and occasions, and secondly, not easily outdated by the trend, and the little black dress – no doubt, it is the greatest and most classic invention in the history of fashion. Even today, every season of fashion , there is no shortage of small black dresses. It is not only the inspiration for designers, but also an integral part of our wardrobe. Fashion connoisseur Didier Ludot wrote a book for it, “The Little Black Dress,” which said: “A woman without a little black dress has no future.” Because there is no single clothing type can represent fashion…

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    20+ Trendy White Shirt Styles For Women

    The shirt is one of these clothes that can be worn all year round, especially the fresh and versatile white shirt is classic design that will never be out of date . Whether it’s a long or short design, because of its tailored fit, fresh and bright colors, it’s easy to feel comfortable while wearing it. Let’s take a look at the correct way of wearing white shirt today. White shirts tend to give people a simple and comfortable feel, while white shirts and jeans are a perfect combination. A variety of white shirts can be tied halfway into the pants, or they can be worn with button not buckled. The white shirt…

  • V-Neck skirt
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    V-Neck, the Most Temperamental And Sexy French Summer Style

    Still wearing ordinary round neck clothes? Maybe you should have one of the most popular V-neck clothes this year. V-neck not only modifies the neckline, but also visually narrows the lines of the face, making you look slimmer and more temperamental. V-neck are used more and more widely in daily clothing. The large V-collar will make our face look smaller and more long-necked, and for busty women, it will also weaken the virtual fullness of the large breasts. It will be more atmospheric and fashionable than the small round neck. Of course, there is no pressure on the girl with a heart shape face and skinny figure. Such a magical design,…

  • Bottega Veneta Square Head Sandals
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    Bottega Veneta Square Head Sandals Hits the Trend

    Minimalist floss sandals are nothing new (last year, The Row’s “Bare” floss sandals have become the fashion week uniforms), but it’s still a hot fashion item, popular on the street currently . If not unexpected, the next style that hits the trend will be the Bottega Veneta square sandals. This classic sandals design of the 1990s began to be sought after by customers at the end of last year and climbed to the “big trend” status. Regarding this square head shoes that continue to heat up, the following is something you must know. In the fashion world, everyone often hangs the word “general trend”, “must-have” or “classic item”. In fact,…