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Don’t Miss The Top Trendy Casual Sweater In The Coming 2020 Spring

If you want to choose a clothes item that can perfectly meet the current season and temperature, and can be well matched and fashionable, it is definitely a casual sweater. Fashion is constantly changing. If we want to be beautiful enough and fashionable, we need to pay attention to the changes in trends.

Today, I will show you the most popular hoodie styles in 2020. Hope you can find your dress inspiration here.

1.Crop Top

Crop Top are not only popular on sweaters, but also on hoodies. In addition to casualness, short sweaters have a little bit of sexy and styling, which weakens the bloated drawbacks and sculpts more simple.

In crop top hoddies, whether you have long legs or thick legs that make you feel bad, you can have perfect body proportions and stretch your legs to perfection

Sweaters with long coats are simply a great hot couple, and crop top is even more convenient. It can have a natural high waist line without effort, of course, it is significantly more fashionable.

2.Oversize style

This year, the oversize style is still very popular. After undergoing different design changes, this oversized trend will not diminish, and the sweater must be large enough to look fashionable.

The oversize hooded sweater is more energetic and youthful. Stacking the hat outside the collar will obviously reduce the age and look more youthful.

And this loose sweater with wide-leg pants, there is a full sense of casual street, very simple and comfortable. However, this match will have higher requirements for body shape, suitable for taller and thinner girls.

3.Logo style

Looking at the major fashion shows this year, the logo style is one of the indispensable trends in 2020. The casual sweater, accompanied with logo decoration, has more personality and uninhibited, and also gives you more modeling possibilities.

Sweatshirt with logo will make you more fashionable and interpret your own unique style!4.


Turtleneck sweaters are all the rage in fashion, turtleneck sweaters are also very popular in early spring! Not to mention anything else, fashion idols have put on turtleneck sweaters, it’s enough to see the trend of turtleneck sweaters.

Turtleneck sweaters with short jackets, down jackets or plush coats are all unique, while keeping warm, and reducing the hooded burden.