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Fantastic! Burberry 2020 Ready-To-Wear Collection

It may not be surprising that a fashion company is considering taking responsibility for what happened on the other side of the world today-after all, we all live on the same planet. RiccardoTisci also shared his perspective on global influence in his fashion collection, describing how he lived in India after studying multiculturalism at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design in London and before starting his own brand in Italy. And how to learn meditation at some stage in your life.

Compared with Tisci’s debut when he made a crazy effort to cover all ages and classes, this collection is of course calmer. “I think we’re more integrated this time,” he said. The political event linking an Italian-designed British lifestyle brand to Brexit was a leap, but British Prime Minister Boris Johnson promised that his government would Bring people together as independent members on the world stage, looking for opportunities on continents outside Europe, such as India is the target market for new trade.

When Burberry actively promoted the world to recognize the British image from a modern perspective, the stereotyped British gentleman in a trench coat, a rolled umbrella, and a headscarf was thankfully gone. Tisci exhibits sophisticated tailoring (this season is sometimes interspersed with ribbed knit fabrics), as well as innovations in tailoring and details, such as a windbreaker belt collar and double jacket. For example, a chiffon ribbon is dragged on the women’s windbreaker, instead of an ordinary belt, and the jacket is softened into a cape shape. Another example is a men’s wide inner and outer duffle coat.

In Tisc’s evening dress for the brand, he showed off some simpler clothes in addition to the chain vest and glittering crystal tassel. He asked his best friend Mariacarla Boscono to put on an elegant black high-waist pleated satin gown with delicate chiffon sleeves, showing Tisci and Burberry’s rare fashion keenness.

The right thing to do next is to know more about what fabric Burberry uses and where to buy the clothes we see on the runway. A large company like this can have a huge influence and guide others forward.