Find Your Dress Inspiration From Fashion Icon Hailey Bieber

Regarding fashion idols, everyone mentioned more about Kaia, Kendall, and Bella. In fact, when it comes to private dress, Hailey is also very eye-catching, with a smart and casual style. And since she was in love with Bieber, her outside attention and fashion resources have also increased, and her style of dress has become more diverse.

Casual suit

For the blazer, Hailey is basically in love with the silhouette and loose version, and the color system is not limited. It is very suitable for formal or casual occasions.

The most common match is a blazer and a variety of jeans, simple and comfortable

Occasionally, highlights are added on this basis, such as choosing an eye-catching inner tie, an outer belt to raise the waist line, or a unique print.

It is also often mixed with sports pants, matching with the same color or using the same color shoes, not too formal nor too casual with great body tolerance.


Various leather items have been popular since the end of last year, and Hailey often tries it. Some time ago, in the streets of Paris, Hailee wore a leather suit from Saks Potts, paired with rose high heels.

Moderate skin exposure will make the leather items look less old-fashioned and more layered, showing both leg length and femininity.

Leather jackets are the most versatile and suitable for daily life. Like her suit, Hailey also chooses oversize or straight H-types, and never considers tight-fitting type.


Hailey’s trousers are the most jeans, she can wear effortless casual style, whether straight, loose or cropped jeans.