Harry and Megan Attire at the Endeavour Fund Awards Ceremony

Harry and Meghan should be regarded as a loving couple around the world. Since their marriage, they have been inseparable, and their relationship is very sweet.

Recently, Harry and Meghan appeared together at the Endeavour Fund Awards ceremony, and the couples were particularly advanced in the “contrast color lovers outfit”. Not only that, the tall and burly Harry also held an umbrella for Megan, and consciously became his wife’s small follower ~

Some time ago, the news about Harry and Megan’s withdrawal from the royal family caused everyone to talk about it. The couple who made their first public appearance after the storm was obviously in a good mood, especially Megan, with a smile on her face.

At this appearance, Harry was elegant and handsome in a dark blue straig ht suit, and his wife Meghan wore a royal blue dress with elegant and charming temperament. The couple perfectly demonstrated the most advanced couple outfit LOOK. ~

Megan, who is no longer constrained by the royal status, even the clothes are significantly bolder. She wore a tight-fitting dress, and her slim-fitting skirt perfectly outlined her bumpy figure. It was unexpected that Meghan’s figure was so great! On the street, Megan immediately became the focus of people’s eyes. It is no wonder that Harry would protect his wife as a “guardian of flowers” throughout the process!

In May last year, Meghan upgraded to become a mother. In a short period of time, her figure has returned to the original. Meghan, who was wearing a tight-fitting skirt at the awards ceremony, was very attractive.

The British royal family has strict requirements for dressing, especially for women, they must always pay attention to maintaining a dignified and elegant image. Before leaving the royal status, Meghan’s outfits were mostly conservative and restrained. For example, she wore a straight dress and a coat shawl, which was low-key and elegant.

Today, Megan finally has the opportunity to fully display her fashionable dressing taste, and her dress style is no longer conservative and low-key as usual, boldly showing her charming body curve.